SHAREit for Jio Phone: SHAREit is an amazing app that allows users to transfer their video, music, files, documents and apps across various devices. It also makes easier for users to transfer large files across multiple devices. SHAREit is a free application that provides a premium quality for its services. According to reports, the SHAREit App has been downloaded by more than 600 million users. In 2018, SHAREit has become India’s fifth-most downloaded mobile app. However, what many people don’t know is that SHAREit App can also be used on Jio Phone. SHAREit App for Jio Phone doesn’t require a Lighting or USB cable in order to work and it does it all over the “WiFi”. In this article, we are going to provide some tips to the readers that will help them utilize the SHAREit app to its full potential. SHAREit app is also compatible with Windows, Android, SHAREit for iOS, MAC and many other popular platforms.

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How to download SHAREit for Jio Phone?

It is not a big deal to transfer files using SHAREit on Jio Phone because the device supports all kind of Android applications such as YouTube, WhatsApp, and Facebook. So, you can download and install any app which are available in the Jio App Store. But, presently SHAREit is not installable on a Jio Phone. Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance hasn’t developed custom versions of SHAREit App for KAI OS. But without using SHAREit application, the file can be transferred on the Jio Phone. Just follow the steps given below,

  • To use SHAREit App on Jio phone, first of all switch on the WiFi hot-spot option.
  • And now take your android phone and just open shareit application in it.
  • In the right side of SHAREit App, you will see the three dots menu, click on it and select the ‘web share’ option to proceed.
SHAREit for Jio Phone
SHAREit for Jio Phone
  • Now, select the file which you want to share and click on the SEND button to start the transferring process.
  • Then follow the 2 step process that shown in the screen to share files to jio phone using webshare option.
  • First, you will see the web URL to get the files and second you will see a QR code to scan.
SHAREit for Jio Phone
SHAREit for Jio Phone
  • Now open the browser on your Jio Phone and search the web URL which is shown in the first step.
  • After searching the web URL, JioPhone will show the shared files from the android phone, click on download option to get the file.
SHAREit for Jio Phone
SHAREit for Jio Phone
  • Thats it, the process is done and now Jio Phone users can transfer files without having SHAREit application.

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Hope that the above steps may help Jio Phone users to transfer all types of files to the other device and can enjoy the SHAREit option on the phone without having SHAREit application. If you have any doubts in this method just leave a comment below. Thank you for visiting our website